Dual aspect

What is dual aspect?

Dual aspect simply means that you have light from two directions. Flats with only a single direction of light are less desirable because of the mental effects - the feeling of being boxed in, and because of the difficulty of air circulation

Flat C1-203 has dual aspect - C1-204 does not
Flat C1-203 has dual aspect - C1-204 does not

As can be seen above - flat C1-203, a corner flat, has light from two directions. Flat C1-204 has light from only one direction. 49% of the flats in this development have single aspect, or light in only one direction. In old houses in Dublin have very high ceilings (ca. 3m high)which make one direction of light "more easy" to be, but these flat are of a modern standard height - more of a feeling of being in a tunnel.

How many flats have dual aspect?

49% of flats will only have single windows
49% of flats will only have single windows

It does not detail the 49% of flats which are single aspect. And how many of these have some sort of balcony.

Points to consider

Would you move into flats like C1-204? (this flat has at least a balcony - others (it is unclear how many) do not)

How long would you stay?

Would you expect your children to move into them?

Can you see our community expanding easily into this development?

Remember the rental price is projected to be 1700 Eur/month


The development document is at: https://holycrosscollegeshd.ie... This document shows the 51% of flat which will have dual aspect of some kind.