Timeline of the developments at Clonliffe - from the 1850s to the current development

Who has owned Clonliffe? How has the ownership changed hands. Was the secret sale of the lands to the GAA legal? Are these public lands?

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Page1 365px 1863 Opening of Holy Cross Seminary Clonliffe The Evening Freeman Mon 18 May pdf

Green Network - walk along the Tolka to the sea

Greenways to link the Green Network of the Tolka Valley and provide recreation for the people of North Dublin have been proposed since 1922! For almost 100 years the aim has been to establish a connected park from what is now the "Tolka Valley Park" in Glasnevin to the sea at Clontarf and to reduce the risk of flooding

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1922 Tolka Parkway

Public Access - Guaranteed?

The developers have an obligation to grant full access to 20% of the development. This obligation is due to the lands having had a religious purpose. ´╗┐The masterplan does show many areas to be public, but do they truly amount to 20% and how can we be sure 24 hour access will remain in place in the future. This Hines development explicitly does not include the GAA playing fields. What will happen to them? Will they be fenced off like the Belvedere fields?

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Access SML

Do we need ever more newer, taller buildings in the city?

The fast-track "Strategic" Housing Development (SHD) plan is based on projections made in 2016/2017. After Covid and the massive move to working outside of cities do these projections still make sense? The 15% percent corporate tax is coming (whatever the Government says) and this will also lead to a greatly reduced need for new building. Much of the need that remains can be alleviated by increasing the size of existing housing.

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"We'll have to get used to towers, Dublin's population density is too low" is an argument you often hear. But is it really true? By international comparison

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Traffic and Transport

Traffic is a huge problem in Drumcondra. Traffic is often at a complete standstill. Buses are too full to allow more passengers in. The application includes traffic/transport analysis made during the height of Covid

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The development seeks to provide 1610 flats, but only 500 parking space. In environmental terms this is welcome. But what if more than 500 parties wish to have a car? Will this be disallowed unless a parking space is also rented? How will the local community be protected?

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Population increase and the community

The development will add at least 3471 adults to the local population. How does this compare to the existing population of Drumcondra?

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